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Mintea Madness PT.2 Rare Bundle

Mintea Madness PT.2 Rare Bundle

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This bundle includes every regular sticker from "Mintea Madness PT.2" at a reduced price!

Bundle includes (10) items :

(Note: All Stickers are White Vinyl. Spot Holo variants are sold ala carte/in the RARE Bundle)

  • RARE Mintea Sangria Holographic Vinyl (Large/Mini)
  • RARE Mintea Portobello Holographic Vinyl (Large/Mini)
  • Mintea Sangria Holographic Vinyl (Large/Mini)
  • Mintea Portobello Holographic Vinyl (Large/Mini)
  • RARE Mintea Sangria Peeker 
  • RARE Mintea Portobello Peeker

Please note this bundle DOES include the special holographic stickers