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Random SPOT HOLO March Mintea Madness Sticker

Random SPOT HOLO March Mintea Madness Sticker

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Limited to 75 pieces for sale!

If you missed your chance to buy them ala carte, you can have a redemption round now and try your luck by pulling a random sticker! 

All large stickers are sized at ~6.5" tall, while the slaps are ~3" x 8".

Random Limited March Mintea Pool (You have a chance of pulling THESE stickers!):

  • Normal Mintea IPA Kisscut
  • Normal Mintea Lime Kisscut
  • Normal Mintea Melon Kisscut
  • Normal Mintea Usagi Kisscut
  • Mintea IPA Slap
  • Mintea Lime Slap
  • Mintea Melon Slap
  • Mintea Usagi Slap
  • ★Limited Rare Mintea IPA
  • ★Limited Rare Mintea Lime
  • ★Limited Rare Mintea Melon
  • ★Limited Rare Mintea Usagi