1st Anniversary Everything Bundle

1st Anniversary Everything Bundle

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This bundle includes everything from the 1st Anniversary "Beach Episode" at a reduced price! Only available until August 6th!

Bundle includes TWENTY-THREE (23) items :

  • Melon-chan Large Kiss-cut Sticker (White Vinyl)
  • Pancake-chan Large Kiss-cut Sticker (White Vinyl)
  • Portobello-kun Large Kiss-cut Sticker (White Vinyl)
  • Lime-chan Large Kiss-cut Sticker (White Vinyl)
  • Mintea-chan Large Kiss-cut Sticker (White Vinyl)
  • Melon-chan Slap (Holographic Vinyl)
  • Pancake-chan Slap (Holographic Vinyl)
  • Portobello-kun Slap (Holographic Vinyl)
  • Lime-chan Slap (Holographic Vinyl)
  • Minteachan Slap (Holographic Vinyl)
  • Melon-chan Mini Kiss-cut Sticker (White Vinyl)
  • Pancake-chan Mini Kiss-cut Sticker (White Vinyl)
  • Portobello-kun Mini Kiss-cut Sticker (White Vinyl)
  • Lime-chan Mini Kiss-cut Sticker (White Vinyl)
  • Mintea-chan Mini Kiss-cut Sticker (White Vinyl)
  • Melon-chan Acrylic Diorama Display
  • Pancake-chan Acrylic Diorama Display
  • Melon-chan Acrylic Keychain
  • Pancake-chan Acrylic Keychain
  • Portobello-kun Acrylic Keychain
  • Lime-chan Acrylic Keychain
  • Mintea-chan Acrylic Keychain
  • 1st Anniversary Art Book (NOT FIRST EDITION! To get the first edition perks you must buy the art book ala carte sorry ><)

Please note this bundle DOES NOT include the special limited holographic stickers.

Estimated production time: 3-5 weeks (does not include shipping time). [Delays may be expected due to COVID-19. Thank you for your understanding!]

♫ No Refunds ♫

Have any questions? Feel free to shoot me a DM on IG (@minteaparty) or e-mail me at minteastudio@gmail.com.